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Top 3 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Americans expect to spend an average of $142 on a Valentine’s Day present for their significant other this year. The average amounts U.S. adults expect to spend on romantic presents differs by generation. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Gen Z (ages 18 to 23): $82
  • Millennials (24 to 39): $113
  • Gen X (40 to 55): $293
  • Baby boomers (56 to 74): $55

And here’s how the responses differ by gender:

  • Men: $249
  • Women: $57

We recommend the following top 3 gifts:

  1. Experiences to see either their favorite superstars (such as Auston Matthews, Kevin Durant or Tom Brady) or their favorite teams (Yankees,  Leafs, Mavericks, Bucks) play. The cash can always be gathered through an instant loan or payday cash advance as these events or experiences do not happen twice and its worth paying top bucks to see these skilled athletes and pay them for their time or they leave to brighter destinations.


2. Traveling to favorite spots – Whether an impromptu getaway, great restaurant or going down memory lane, travelling during valentines day is definitely recommended.



3.  Something that makes a difference:

  • Taking care of the kids
  • Cooking dinner
  • Not spending on yourself
  • Quality time with extended family